Tentative Schedule

Day 1
3-5:15pm: Check-in
5:30: Dinner & introductions
6:30: Orientation 
7:00: Seminar 1: Creating Plots 
8:15: TBA

Day 2
7:30-8:15: Breakfast
8:30: Seminar 2: Pulling the Rug Out
9:45: Critique & discussion session 1

11:15: Seminar 3: Playing God
12:30: Lunch/Personal Time
1:45: One-on-Ones
2:30: Seminar 4: Killer Scenes
3:45: Critique & discussion session 2
5:15: Dinner
6:00: Critique & discussion session 3
7:30: TBA

Day 3
7:30-8:15: Breakfast
8:30: Critique & discussion session 4
10:00: Seminar 5: Dimensionality
11:15: Critique & discussion session 5
12:30: lunch/personal time
1:45: One-on-Ones
2:30: Critique & discussion session 6
4:00: Seminar 6: Tension
5:00: One-on-Ones
5:45: Dinner
6:30: Seminar 7: Plot Problems
8:00: TBA

Day 4
8:00: Breakfast and Awards
9:00: Seminar 8: Settings
10:15: Q&A/Book table/Good-byes
11:30-12:00: pack and check out

Welcome to the eleventh and twelfth 
Novel Writing Intensive Retreats!
They will be held at the Historic Eureka Inn in Jonesborough, TN.

Only 12 spots are available for each session, so register soon.

Aspiring or published novelists or short-story writers of any level are invited to register. We accept all genres of fiction, except for erotica.


The registration process is as follows:

Contact conference director Pam Johnson at pamtheeditor@yahoo.com for a registration form (which will include all pertinent information). This needs to be completed and returned with the registration deposit of $500 before we can reserve your place. Please let her know if you'd like to attend the first or second session.

We can only accept the first twelve who register for each session, so don't delay! (There will be a waiting list in case someone cancels.)

The cost (which includes shuttles between the TRI airport and the hotel on the first and last days of the retreat) is $1895. 

Information about how to submit the first 50 pages of your manuscript for critique is on the registration form.

The remaining payment of $1395 is due January 1st. (Our refund policy is included on the registration form.)

Please pay by check or money order. 
If you need to pay with PayPal, please add a 4.5% service fee.