Welcome to the 17th and 18th annual

Novel Writing Intensive Retreats!
The 2021 spring events will be virtual.

Aspiring or published novelists or short-story writers of any level are invited to register. We accept all genres of fiction, except for what we would consider erotica. 


There are only 15 spots available (for each group), so register soon. (There is a waiting list in case someone cancels.)

The registration process is as follows:

Contact conference director Pam Johnson at pamtheeditor@yahoo.com for a registration form (which will include all pertinent information). This needs to be completed and returned with the non-refundable conference fee of $999 

Information about how to submit the first 50 pages of your manuscript for critique is on the registration form.

Please pay by check or money order. (We will not accept any other form of payment. If there's an issue, please contact Pam at pamtheeditor@yahoo.com to discuss it.)

The mailing address for the form and the deposit is on the registration form.‚Äč It's recommended to make a copy of the signed form and keep it for your records.

Tentative Schedule (times are in EST)

Day 1
5:00: Introductions and Orientation
6:00: Seminar 1
7:30: Seminar 2

8:45: One-on-ones 

Day 2

11:00: Critique & discussion session 1
12:30: Seminar 3
2:00: Critique & discussion session 2
3:30: Seminar 4
5:00: Critique & discussion session 3

6:30: One-on-ones
7:15: Critique & discussion session 4

8:30: One-on-ones

Day 3
11:00: Critique & discussion session 5
12:30: Seminar 5
2:00: Critique & discussion session 6
3:30: Seminar 6
5:00: Critique & discussion session 7
6:30: One-on-ones
7:15: Seminar 7
8:30: Critique & discussion session 8

Day 4

11:00: Seminar 8
12:00: Closing remarks/Good-byes